Warehouse Studio Equipment List

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Neve ‘Air’ 58x24x32 console

Multi-track Recorders:
ProTools HD3 40 in 64 out HD Accel3 system
Apple G5 dual 2.7ghz 4gig RAM
(2) STUDER A800 Mark III Analog 24 Track
LYNX Modules V-500 Software with Serial Video Card

Mixdown Machines:
Apogee PSX 100 AD/DA Converter
Studer A820 – 1/2″ 2 Track Analog
HHB-850 CD Recorder
Z-Systems 16×16 AES Digital Distribution

Compressors and Limiters:
Avalon AD2044 Stereo Optical Compressor
BSS 901 Dynamic EQ
(2) DBX 902 De-Esser Modules
DBX 160A Overeasy Compressor
DBX 165 Classic Overeasy Compressor
(2) Drawmer DS 201 Noise Gates
(2) Empiracle Labs Distressor EL-8
Fairchild 666 Mono TUBE Compressor
(8) NEVE 32264 Limiter/ Compressor
(2) NEVE 2254A Compressors
SSL FX-384 Stereo Compressor
(2) Teletronix LA-2A TUBE Compressors
(2) Teletronix LA-3A Compressors

GML 8200 Stereo EQ
(5) Pultec EQP-1A3 TUBE Program EQ
Pultec MEQ-5 TUBE Mid Range EQ
DBX 120 XP Sub Harmonic Generator

Custom Cue Headphone mixing stations:
(6) Custom Cue Mixing Stations:
16 Inputs with Yamaha 2075 Power Amps
Fostex T-20RP
Audio Technica ATH-M50
AKG 240,
AKG 241

Reverbs and Delays:
AMS RMX 16 Reverb
Eventide 201 Flanger
Eventide H3000 SE/B+45 sec samp-
Eventide DSP7000 Digital Effects
Lexicon 480L Reverb V4.0 with Classic Cart
Lexicon PCM-80 Reverb / Effects
(2) Roland SDE 3000 DDL
Sony R-7 Stereo Digital Reverb
Yamaha D-5000 Stereo DDL
YAamaha SPX 1000 Digital Effects
Yamaha SPX 990 Digital Effects (20 bit)
Yamaha SPX90 II Digital Effects
Yamaha REV – 500 Digital Reverb

Monitors and Amps:
Mains: (L,C,R) Custom Ronmon 5 Way with 18″ Subs
Yamaha NS-10M Speakers
Genelec 1031A Powered Speakers
KRK E8 Powered Speakers
Auratone C-5 CUBE Spkr (c/w Mono Box)
Studer A68 Power Amp
Yamaha 2250 Power Amp
Hafler 9505 Power Amp
Crown D-75 Power Amp (Cues)

additional monitors *
KRK 9000 Speakers
Tannoy LGM Speakers

Yamaha C7 grand piano
Melodigrand Upright tack piano


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C-12 Tube
C-12A Tube
C-24 Stereo Tube
C-28A Tube (2)
C-414 ULS (2)
C-414 (C-12)(2)
C-460 (5)
D-112 (4)
Audio Technica 4033 SM
Coles 4038 Ribbon (4)
Crown PZM-30 Pressure (2)
Electrovoice RE-20 (2)
Electrovoice RE-38
Manley Gold Ref Tube (2)
KM-54a Tube (2)
KM-184 (2)
Fet-47 (2)
U-47 Tube (2)
M-49 Tube
U-67 Tube
U-87ai (7)
M-147 Tube (2)
M-149 Tube (2)
Royer  R-121 (2)
Senheiser MD-421 (14)
Sennheiser MD-MKH-60 Shotgun (2)
SM-7 (2)
SM-57 (12)
SM-Beta 57 (6)
SM-Beta 58
Sony C-48 (2)
RCA 44-DX Ribbon (2)
RCA SU-44 Skunk Ribbon
RCA 77- DX Ribbon
Telefunken ELAM 250 Tube
Telefunken ELAM 251 Tube

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