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VFO Records “No Clue”

Here they are, folks! Session photos from NO CLUE! (scored by  SCHAUN TOZER, written by and starring BRENT BUTT, directed by CARL BESSAI. Recorded at Warehouse Studio, Vancouver.)

Schaun Tozer and Roger Monk, during recording. Photo: Alex Paxa

Schaun Tozer, Carl Bessai, and Brent Butt discuss the score. Photo: Alex Paxa

Engineer Vince Renaud, operating ProTools. Photo: Alex Paxa

Photo: Alex Paxa

Hal Beckett conducts VFO. Photo: Alex Paxa

Concertmaster Joan Blackman and violinist Jennie Press. Photo: Alex Paxa

Violinist Nancy Di Novo. Photo: Alex Paxa

Violinist Karen Gerbrecht. Photo: Alex Paxa

Violists Andrew Brown and Neil Miskey. Photo: Alex Paxa

Bill Runge on Flute and Saxophone. Photo: Alex Paxa

Tom Colclough on saxophone and clarinet. Photo: Alex Paxa

VFO Strings for No Clue. Photo: Alex Paxa

VFO Crew

VFO Scores Nominated!

The Leo Award nominations were announced over the weekend, and we’re happy to report that two VFO-performed scores are in the running! The Wishing Tree and After All These Years, two scores composed by VFO music director Hal Beckett, are nominated for Best Musical Score in a Television Movie.

Congratulations and good luck to all the nominees! Awards will be presented June 7th and 8th at the Westin Bayshore in Vancouver.