Vancouver Film Orchestra

Location Only a short flight from LA, the Vancouver Film Orchestra is an 80-player strong symphonic ensemble dedicated to recording motion picture scores with the utmost in technical, artistic, and musical precision. In just over a decade, we have recorded more than 25 scores for clients including Universal, Disney, Miramax, Lionsgate, Infinity Features, Gold Circle Films, Hyperion Pictures, Lifetime Network, ABC Television, as well as recording artists Michael Bublé, Bryan Adams, Marianas Trench, and more.

Excellence State-of-the-art recording technology, world-renowned studio locations, Grammy Award-winning musicians, and the most specialized and dedicated technical team in Canada come together to manage all your film’s musical needs – from planning your orchestral recording through to delivery of your film. We handle every step of the scoring process: budgets, contracts, orchestration, music copying, studio bookings, recording sessions, music mixing, music editorial, and final delivery to the dub stage. Never has there been a more hassle-free musical experience, right at your fingertips.

Music The vastly adaptable VFO has played an extremely diverse range of music in its short history: from sweet, romantic, emotionally charged drama to edgy, techno-orchestral hybrid action; avant-garde, Penderecki-influenced horror to rambunctious, playful, family adventure; even an over-the-top Broadway extravaganza (complete with simultaneous vocal recording, a 2-studio technical success). Whatever the score, our enthusiastic and fantastically talented musicians are ready to bring it to life.

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